8 Tips: Legoland with young children

It’s been a month since we went to Legoland with the boys, and I’m just now finishing this post with a few tips. Even though I’m writing these specifically for Legoland in Billund, most of them apply to any themepark.

Here are my 8 tips how to do (and have a great time at!) Legoland with young children:

8 Tips for vitising Legoland with young children

★ Look for discounts. I saw someone write that there are so many offers/discounts for Legoland, you should just never pay full-price. Look for free tickets on packages on breads etc. Also, if you buy your tickets online atleast 7 days ahead of time, you can get them for 15% off.

★ Pack smart. Spend some extra time to think about what you want to bring into the park. You don’t want to haul a bunch of extra stuff with you, that just slows you down. But you don’t want to miss things once you’re there either. With kids it’s always better to prepare for the “what if’s” than to not.

★ Check the weather. This goes a little with that one ↑ and I’m sure this isn’t news to anyone but don’t forget to check the weather! When we went it was a warm and sunny morning but we knew it was very likely to rain in the afternoon. So we brought rainboots/raingear for the boys and we were SO GLAD we did. It was the whole reason we could stay after it started pouring down.

★ Choose a good hotel location. We stayed at Hotel Propellen for our visit, it was so close to the park and made things go smoothly in the evening. With two tired kids after a full day at Legoland, it was perfect to not have to get in a car and drive, just walk over and be at the hotel.


★ Bring snacks! Always bring snacks. Whenever we travel, roadtrip or go somewhere for the day I make sure to bring a bag with drinks, smoothies, fruit, crackers etc. It makes the biggest difference for the kids and their mood. It also gives you the option to choose what you want the kids to snack on and not get stuck having to buy whatever you can (expensively) get at the park.

★ Check out rides before. We only had one day at Legoland and we wanted to make the most of it so we spent a little time beforehand just checking out the park map to see the different areas and what rides the boys could/couldn’t go on. It’s not like you have to plan out the entire day by the minute, but it helps to have a little idea on where you want to start and when/if you want to split up to go on different things.

★ If possible, go off-season. This one was a big for us. Waiting in a long line is extra boring for toddlers (they just don’t get the concept) and sucks so much time and energy out of the day. Legoland has a schedule with colors to see which days are bound to have less people. See HERE. We went during a “yellow” day and during the morning when it was sunny the lines were about 5 mins, then because of the rain there were no lines in the afternoon. If we went again, we’d do it exactly the same way.

★ Bring a stroller.  And last, I’d recommend to just bring an umbrella stroller, even if your kids won’t sit in it much. Just for the things you need to cart around. There are lockers to put stuff but your feet get tired as it is, it’s nice to have everything with you and not have to walk back to where the lockers are.

That’s all! Hope some of it was helpful and if you plan to go this summer or fall, happy Legolanding! Our boys had a blast.

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  1. moster m

    När jag såg översta bilden tänkte jag direkt “pinterest” så väl genomförd lista med jättebra tips. Ni får det att verka lätt och smidigt att resa med barn… det klart att ni har koll efter så många lyckade resor!


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