A few things


✿ Monday was Pi day. So my little sister Sigrid baked a Pi-cake. This is just one of the reasons I really love my family, they do the most awesomely random things.

✿ Last friday we installed fiber (don’t know the term in english but = high speed internet). Which also means that as of last friday I really haven’t seen my husband that much. He’s a little obsessed.


✿ Speaking of obsessed…the boys are so in love with their new baby cousin. Especially Elis. He loves holding her and finds every little thing about her (and how tiny she is) completely fascinating.


✿ I mean. This is Sams face whenever he sees her.

✿ Easter is around the corner now and I’m getting pretty excited. I’m actually getting some decorations up this year! I’ll show them later in the week (unless they turn out really ugly, then I won’t. ;))

✿ And lastly, sooo thankful for this new warmish weather and the light. Praise the light!! The only backside is that both Sam and Elis has started waking up at 6.30 instead of 7.30 like they did all winter. Now it’s been 6.30 for a few weeks. I hope they adjust back again….soon.

One thought on “A few things

  1. moster m

    Vet inte varför men dessa inlägg är mina favoriter från dig. Lite småplock från vardagen. Det är så kul att läsa och se. Tror speciellt att just dessa inlägg blir roliga att kolla tillbaka på.
    Så fina killarna är med kusinen. Elis är så rolig runt henne tycker jag. Och Sam är ju bara så försiktig och snäll mot henne. Fina killar har du <3


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