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Kraftprovet 2017


Last friday it was time for our summer tradition of going to Kraftprovet in Trollhättan. The boys both ran the little race last year (800 m) and they’ve been talking about it ever since. So they were really excited! You can see how serious they were about it in the video I made. 😅

So this was their second time running. Here’s the post when they ran last year (+ a video) and here’s the post from the year before that (when they didn’t run but cheered for others).


All ready for the race!


And afterwards with their cousin Nils. So proud over their medals. <3 And I was so proud over them! I was with Elis and I could tell he was getting so tired and I told him it was totally okay to walk too but he just shook his head and kept running. The whole way! 👏


Sam got this great idea to offer chips to the runners. I noticed him reaching out for them and thought it was pretty adorable. Nobody took him up on his offer though. ;)


When you try for a group shot with all the kids and you just don’t succeed, haha.


And here’s the vlog from the day:

Sam turns five (+ a vlog)


On Tuesday last week, Sam turned five! Birthdays always make it so obvious how fast time is moving and how these years just swoosh by. No mercy. ;) But on the other hand, it’s really amazing seeing your child grow up. I love Sam as a five-year old. 💕 He’s discovered so many new interests this year and keep surprising us all the time. And he’s still my sweet and cuddly boy. Speaking selfishly, may that never change! This year we celebrated with cake on his actual birthday, and with family later.

So on Saturday we had the bigger party for our families and because I want to try and make more videos I mostly just filmed the day. Here’s a few pictures + a video at the end:


This little guy had been counting down the days until his birthday pretty much since christmas. He loves when I make things into lists for him, he’ll remember stuff like that forever. So I’d tell him and he’d repeat “first is Christmas, then it’ll get warmer so you don’t need gloves, then is Easter, then Midsummer and THEN my birthday!”

IMG_3394 IMG_3397

You can see more of the food in the video I made, but we had pulled pork burgers with a few salad options on the side.

IMG_3426 IMG_3450

And here’s the vlog from the day (in swedish). Hoping to document this summer with some more!

My little sister graduates


Monday was a special day because our youngest sister Sigrid graduated from school. Sigrid is the coolest, she’s always taken her grades so seriously and worked really hard for them in order to get into the gymnasium she wanted to go to in Gothenburg. For the last three years she’s been commuting every day while still keeping up with her schoolwork and doing great. Seeing the “DO NOT DISTURB! STUDYING!!”-signs on her bedroom always made me laugh. So proud of our artsy and smart baby sis.

Here’s some pictures I took:

IMG_3072 IMG_3062

It’s tradition to bring little presents/stuffed animals/flowers to hang around the neck of the newly graduated. Sam and Elis LOVE to pick out gifts so this was a part they really looked forward to.

IMG_3069 IMG_3076 IMG_3079

All babies did really well and were in a good mood even though it was crazy crowded. To make matters worse, we ended up on the wrong side on the crowd and when we realized our mistake we had to make our way through the thick crowd…with strollers! There was a lot of “excuse me” “excuse me” going around. ;)


A very happy fresh out of school-girl <3

IMG_3108 IMG_3115

This was the part that left the biggest impression on both Sam and Elis. They were so fascinated by these trucks with students (how they jumped to make the whole thing move around) and Sam took his waving so seriously. Aww.


Back at mom and dad’s place we all found our old graduation-hats.


Time for group shots!

IMG_3192IMG_3159 IMG_3166

Tried a lot of different poses…nailed all of them of course. 😅


Congrats Sigrid!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Our first day in Florence


The second stop on our little Italy-tour was Florence. We stepped off the train from Venice and we fell in love right away. Florence was so beautiful in a way where I just said “-pictures will never do this justice”. And I was right. Also, it was so sunny which occasionally made for overexposed pictures like the one above (where Elis is missing his scalp, haha). But what can you do? 😂

Here’s a look at our first day in Florence (with a few pictures from my phone too):


Started off by skipping down the street because we were on the hunt for some gelato!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I love Sams face in this picture. Even at four years old he couldn’t help to stop and stare at the Cathedral. It was unreal.


I tried snapping it with my camera but it’s the kind of thing you have to see in real life (or I just need to get better at taking photos). So majestic and beautiful with a thousand small details to look at.

first-day-in-florence-14 first-day-in-florence-15 first-day-in-florence-16

Found some gelato! Not just some. This was, hands down, the best gelato I had on the entire trip. I got the pineapple, it tasted sooo fresh and homemade and just MELTED IN MY MOUTH. ARGH. It was almost like butter in icecream-shape?? Take me back so I can have some more. ;)


We didn’t take any pictures but right before this we went on the antique carousel on the Piazza della Repubblica. I recommend it if you’re ever there, it was a fun thing for the kids to do.

first-day-in-florence-18 first-day-in-florence-19

Only family picture we got on this trip! All thanks to a kind stranger walking by and offering to take one for us. He had a daughter with two kids as well so he thought of her when he saw us. <3

first-day-in-florence-2first-day-in-florence-3first-day-in-florence-22 first-day-in-florence-25

Taking a pizza-break! Both boys got a little car and I thought it was pretty cute how they then followed them around everywhere on this trip. Sam especially wouldn’t let go of his and if you look closely, it’ll be in his hand most of the time.

first-day-in-florence-24Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

My little tourists! 😍


Oh Elis, sunshine in my life. So happy he and his brother loved being away on vacation together just as much as we did.

A charming Bed and Breakfast in Florence

In partnership with Palazzo Ruspoli, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

On our trip last week, we were able to stay at and review the Palazzo Ruspoli. Palazzo Ruspoli is a Bed and Breakfast in Florence, Italy and it was perfect for us. Because we were in Florence for a short stay, and wanted to see as much as possible, the location was key. This simply couldn’t be at a more central location! We also enjoyed how kid friendly it was and admired all the beautiful details inside.

Bed and Breakfast Florence, ItalyBed and Breakfast FlorenceBed and Breakfast Florence

Checking in, we got the warmest welcome and we felt right at home.

Bed and Breakfast Florence, Italy

The elevator was very convenient after long days of walking.


We loved our room, it was full of italian charm and so bright and spacious. High ceilings and big windows with lots of natural light flowing in.

Bed and Breakfast Florence, Italy

We even had a view of the Il Duomo outside our window!

Bed and Breakfast Florence, ItalyBed and Breakfast Florence

In addition to one big double bed, we also had two single beds for each of the kids. A spacious room which we really appreciated. Our whole stay was very family friendly.

Bed and Breakfast Florence, ItalyBed and Breakfast Florence, Italy

The breakfast was really good and included a choice of yogurts, muesli, jams, cheeses, hams, bread, croissants and juices. A good start to the day!

Bed and Breakfast Florence, Italy

Like I mentioned, the location could not have been any better. Walking out the door we were only a few steps away from the Piazza del Duomo. We loved this. We didn’t have to waste any extra time in the evening or morning and could just spend the whole day exploring Florence.

Bed and Breakfast Florence

Thank you for the stay, Palazzo Ruspoli! We had a great time.

A morning by the Grand Canal in Venice


We got an early start to our second day in Venice. The kids woke us up anyways so we just got ready and went out. It was a really good few hours, I really loved how quiet everything was and how the only people around seemed to be the locals heading to work.


The first stop was the Rialto Brigde. We went by it while we were in a water bus the previous day…and we noticed it was completely packed with people. So to go there first thing seemed like a good bet (and it was). The view there was so incredible! I just love how Elis scrunched down to get a good look between the poles. He sat there for a while, just watching the boats. <3


These two were pretty popular and looked like total rockstars. 😅

IMG_2108 IMG_2124 IMG_2133

Then we just strolled along the Grand Canal, until we ended up at the Rialto morning market. They had a bunch of fruits and fresh veggies. The strawberries both looked – and smelled amazing – so we had to get some.


While we sat there I just thought “I’ll remember this”. Everything was just so calm, and we sat in the sunshine looking over the boats and eating strawberries.

IMG_2169 IMG_2174 IMG_2181

I could’ve done morning in Venice for many hours!


I asked for a posed photo and this was what I got. ;)


Our train left a few hours later so we started to make our way towards train station. We had a lot of ground to cover and a lot we wanted to see on the way. The boys had not gotten sick of crossing canals yet, which was really cute. I’m still in awe over how far they actually walked. Crazy.

IMG_2247IMG_2284 IMG_2289

Made it to the train station! And Sam decided he wanted a break from walking.


I like how he made sure he had some strawberries to snack on while getting comfy, haha. Next stop: Florence!

Hello Venice!


Hello from Italy! We’re in Venice right now and we’re already in love with how beautiful this place is. We spent the day exploring the city and eating way too much gelato. The kids also insisted on getting regular cones when there was amazing gelato right next door because, you know, kids. They looked so adorable eating them on the steps though ↑…that people stopped to take photos.

More photos from our day in Venice below:

hello-venice-4 hello-venice-5 hello-venice-6hello-venice-8

Sam and Elis really loved all the gondolas. It was problary one of their favorite parts of the day! They kept finding good spots to wave at them..and got so happy when they waved back.

hello-venice-7hello-venice-9hello-venice-10hello-venice-13 hello-venice-14hello-venice-15

St. Mark’s square and all the big sights around it were really beautiful to see. But I have to admit that the amount of people there just made us both really stressed. I really started to relax and enjoy myself so much more the more we wandered away from it. All the sudden there was just so much tasty food we wanted to try.

hello-venice-16hello-venice-18 hello-venice-17hello-venice-20

And one of my absolute favorite parts of Venice has been all the small alleys. Just walking and getting lost, discovering new pretty places everywhere we turned.

hello-venice-21 hello-venice-24hello-venice-22 hello-venice-25

At late afternoon it started raining but that didn’t stop us from going out for some (more) gelato. We’re from Sweden…a little rain is nothing to us. ;)

hello-venice-26 hello-venice-27

Still loved all the alleys. <3


Even though they were so tired we had to carry them on our backs the way home, they were still all laughs. We all had a pretty exciting day. <3


Then we just stayed in the rest of the night, got some very delicious pasta-takeout that we checked out earlier (we kept seeing young people with brown boxes so we just followed them, haha! the long line outside was a good enough review). Thanks for today, Venice!

First time riding a horse


What a cool day today was. My niece Marta had her birthday party and decided she really wanted all of us to come riding horses with her. It was the first time for my kids – and for me actually! I’ll spare you the picture of me looking like a total loser on that horse, I was so scared/freaked out the whole time. ;)

Let’s look at the adorable riders instead:

first-time-riding-1 first-time-riding-2

They were so excited about brushing that pony.


Sam REALLY wanted to try but once he got up there he started to freak out a little bit and didn’t want to do it anymore. (I totally get that btw haha)


Looking at these photos you might think that Elis really loved it. But he just loved the part of getting on the horse and posing for photos. ? Once the horse started moving he was all “ok, i’m good now”.


Still posing ?


This picture just warms my heart. I love how close they are to their cousins and seeing them be best friends to eachother is so sweet.

first-time-riding-11 first-time-riding-12

One of the really cool parts of the day was watching Nils be a little pro and ride away all on his own.


And look! Even though he got so scared the first time, he decided to try again. And he got the hang of it and really loved it this time! So proud of him. <3

first-time-riding-15 first-time-riding-20first-time-riding-16

The two of them just casually chatting on the fence like that? Too cute.


Turns out their first try at riding horses was a big success! Everyone had so much fun today, both on and off the horse. Thanks Marta for coming up with the best idea. ???

A weekend through my phone

We had a really good weekend. Despite the fact that it SNOWED so much on Sunday. I never like snow this late in the year but it’s okay. It’s still March and soon enough spring will be here!

Here’s a few photos from my phone from this weekend:

On friday we had fish (salmon) tacos and I think it’s so funny that both boys prefer it over regular tacos. They are just such total fish-fans.

On saturday we went to see my niece Greta who turned one! Elis fell asleep in the car and when he woke up this was his face for the first few minutes or so. “-Where am I and who are all these new people?” ;D

A bunch of my fav people were there, like these two.

And Elis warmed up quickly when he got to hang out with his aunties.

They had the best area for the kids to play in.

Cousins. <3

I realized too late that I didn’t even get a picture of the birthday girl but happy birthday sweet Greta!! It’s always fun to hang out with her (and her parents) since they live in the south of Sweden and we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like. The kids had a lot of fun too, that was totally the highlight. ↑

And on sunday morning Sam ran out the bedroom and the first thing he saw was all the snow outside. So he shouted “-Mom, look! It’s that weather you don’t love!!”. Very true, Sam. Very true. ;)

Pancakes on Valentines Day


I like when Valentines Day comes around every year and the small things you can do. This year I made the kids an extra nice breakfast with pancakes! They’re always the most excited about the toppings and they loved the touch with the gummy hearts. ;)

pancakes-for-valentines-2 pancakes-for-valentines-3

It’s a shame Gustav left waaay to early for him to have some too. We’re all usually asleep when he goes to work…and in all honesty, this breakfast was done around 10-ish (we’re slow starters). We gave him some extra mental love while eating though and later in the evening him and I went to see La La Land at the movies. Perfect Valentines movie. ♥

And pancakes are so good! We’ve been talking about it and I think we’ll have to make it our new tradition for Sunday mornings. I’m deciding that for us right now. ;)