Biking over the Golden Gate Bridge


We’ve made it to San Francisco! We absolutely love it here and I feel like I never want to leave. ? Yesterday was so much fun, we saw a lot of the city by foot and on bike. We rented bikes to go over the Golden Gate bridge, it was AMAZING. I kept saying “wow…wow…wow” while I was biking and I’m still just so happy thinking about it. Bucket-list moment! We also wandered around on foot and saw so much of SF, still wow-moments because I just love everything about how this place looks. Even the hills. ;)

Here’s some pictures from our first day in San Francisco:


All ready to go!


After we started biking towards the Golden Gate brigde, we realized that we were really hungry because we hadn’t had breakfast yet. So we took a little detour and started biking down the streets looking for something good.

IMG_4373 IMG_4384

We lucked out because we found a place, ordered pancakes and they were so yummy. Just look at them! Funny story: I walked in and ordered three plates of pancakes and the guy didn’t say anything but after I walked away he asked Josefin “is she alone? because she just ordered a lot”. Guess he couldn’t see Gustav and the kids outside. ;)


Took this picture to show how our bikes took up half the sidewalk. Oops.


Then we made it closer to the Golden Gate bridge and stopped to take a bunch of photos.

IMG_4414 IMG_4423 IMG_4451IMG_4426 IMG_4432

Best thing about this picture is how a stranger who was walking by stopped to say “hey! arm out! the monkey is in his face!”. She was talking to Sam and the (not monkey) that covered his face. Pretty funny that she just noticed and had to say something so the pic wasn’t ruined.


All ready and sooo excited to go bike over the bridge! The kids were looking forward to it but both fell asleep on the way there. Except Elis I guess who claims he was wide awake the whole time. ;)

IMG_4476 IMG_4477

On the other side of the bridge in Sausalito. Elis was being such a cutie smiling to everyone.


We enjoyed some smoothies…


…and then took the ferry back to San Francisco. Like I said, Sam has not let go of his otter Luna.

IMG_4498 IMG_4500

Walked up a bazillion (hehe) hills and then made it to the most famous one. Lombard Street!

IMG_4508 IMG_4521

No one knows how to fake smiles for pictures like my kids. Haha.


And this is a really bad picture but I had to include it because Josefin stepped out in the middle of the street to take it and then said “hope it turns out good because I just risked my life to snap this” Hahaha. Could not leave it out with that investment from her side.

IMG_4543 IMG_4547 IMG_4549

Every street is so pretty here!! Almost can’t take it.

IMG_4553 IMG_4562

Oh Elis. ??


Last stop of the day was to look at the painted ladies (+happy surprise: there was a playground there).

IMG_4610IMG_4596IMG_4583 IMG_4602

I loved when the kids started dancing around.


We’re all just so happy to be here! Hope to enjoy the rest of our days in San Francisco just as much!!

2 thoughts on “Biking over the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Emelia

    Åh det ser så fantastiskt ut!!! Och att cykla över golden gate bron – fy vad häftigt!!! Det skulle jag verkligen vilja göra… Ni verkar ha det så bra på er resa ??? dessutom är ni alltid så fina!

  2. Moster m

    Åh vilken rolig idé att cykla över bron! cyklade ni båda vägarna eller lämnade ni cyklarna i sauselito? vad duktig du har varit på att uppdatera. Hade två nya fräscha inlägg att supa in när jag gick in på bloggen nu. ska förstås bli väldigt roligt att höra allt i verkligheten. får såna längtankänslor när jag ser de här bilderna. sf var ju vår favorit när vi reste till Kalifornien. tänk att vi stått på samma ställe som er vid painted ladies och minns att vi blev lika glada över lekplatsen där uppe <3


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