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Sam turns five (+ a vlog)


On Tuesday last week, Sam turned five! Birthdays always make it so obvious how fast time is moving and how these years just swoosh by. No mercy. ;) But on the other hand, it’s really amazing seeing your child grow up. I love Sam as a five-year old. 💕 He’s discovered so many new interests this year and keep surprising us all the time. And he’s still my sweet and cuddly boy. Speaking selfishly, may that never change! This year we celebrated with cake on his actual birthday, and with family later.

So on Saturday we had the bigger party for our families and because I want to try and make more videos I mostly just filmed the day. Here’s a few pictures + a video at the end:


This little guy had been counting down the days until his birthday pretty much since christmas. He loves when I make things into lists for him, he’ll remember stuff like that forever. So I’d tell him and he’d repeat “first is Christmas, then it’ll get warmer so you don’t need gloves, then is Easter, then Midsummer and THEN my birthday!”

IMG_3394 IMG_3397

You can see more of the food in the video I made, but we had pulled pork burgers with a few salad options on the side.

IMG_3426 IMG_3450

And here’s the vlog from the day (in swedish). Hoping to document this summer with some more!

My little sister graduates


Monday was a special day because our youngest sister Sigrid graduated from school. Sigrid is the coolest, she’s always taken her grades so seriously and worked really hard for them in order to get into the gymnasium she wanted to go to in Gothenburg. For the last three years she’s been commuting every day while still keeping up with her schoolwork and doing great. Seeing the “DO NOT DISTURB! STUDYING!!”-signs on her bedroom always made me laugh. So proud of our artsy and smart baby sis.

Here’s some pictures I took:

IMG_3072 IMG_3062

It’s tradition to bring little presents/stuffed animals/flowers to hang around the neck of the newly graduated. Sam and Elis LOVE to pick out gifts so this was a part they really looked forward to.

IMG_3069 IMG_3076 IMG_3079

All babies did really well and were in a good mood even though it was crazy crowded. To make matters worse, we ended up on the wrong side on the crowd and when we realized our mistake we had to make our way through the thick crowd…with strollers! There was a lot of “excuse me” “excuse me” going around. ;)


A very happy fresh out of school-girl <3

IMG_3108 IMG_3115

This was the part that left the biggest impression on both Sam and Elis. They were so fascinated by these trucks with students (how they jumped to make the whole thing move around) and Sam took his waving so seriously. Aww.


Back at mom and dad’s place we all found our old graduation-hats.


Time for group shots!

IMG_3192IMG_3159 IMG_3166

Tried a lot of different poses…nailed all of them of course. 😅


Congrats Sigrid!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

A weekend through my phone

We had a really good weekend. Despite the fact that it SNOWED so much on Sunday. I never like snow this late in the year but it’s okay. It’s still March and soon enough spring will be here!

Here’s a few photos from my phone from this weekend:

On friday we had fish (salmon) tacos and I think it’s so funny that both boys prefer it over regular tacos. They are just such total fish-fans.

On saturday we went to see my niece Greta who turned one! Elis fell asleep in the car and when he woke up this was his face for the first few minutes or so. “-Where am I and who are all these new people?” ;D

A bunch of my fav people were there, like these two.

And Elis warmed up quickly when he got to hang out with his aunties.

They had the best area for the kids to play in.

Cousins. <3

I realized too late that I didn’t even get a picture of the birthday girl but happy birthday sweet Greta!! It’s always fun to hang out with her (and her parents) since they live in the south of Sweden and we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like. The kids had a lot of fun too, that was totally the highlight. ↑

And on sunday morning Sam ran out the bedroom and the first thing he saw was all the snow outside. So he shouted “-Mom, look! It’s that weather you don’t love!!”. Very true, Sam. Very true. ;)

Our christmas in the north of Sweden

This year we all went up to the north of Sweden (where my dad is originally from) to celebrate christmas together. I have seven siblings and with all of our families we ended up being 25 people up there, it was such a cool experience. With a little twist as you can see in the video! ;)

Here’s a video that I made, sorry that it’s so long but we were there for four days. And I wanted one for the memories!

My dad turns 60 (part 1)

I have so many things that I want to blog about. But the more things have piled up, the less I’ve been inclined to do it? I’m just going to dig in and catch up now. Starting with my dad! He turned 60 in October this year and it was so amazing getting to celebrate him. My dad is one of the best people I know. ♥

We had a big party for him a month later, we had to find a date where all of us could be there. But on his birthday, October 5, we took him out for a birthday dinner. Here’s a few pictures:


A nice person at the table next to us offered to take a group shot so here we all are. My dad, mom, seven of his kids (we missed you, Emanuel!) and his two oldest grandchildren.

dad-turns-60-part-1-2 dad-turns-60-part-1-3dad-turns-60-part-1-6

There’s not a bunch of options for restaurants in our little town but this ended up being perfect for us. We got a large table in the middle of the place, there was lots of vegetarian stuff to choose from (there’s four vegetarians in our family) and they served food that was right up dad’s alley.


It was a fun night, talking and laughing together. At one point they brought out dessert and we all got up to loudly sing happy birthday, the kind of stuff that dad loves. Afterwards we went back to our parents house and we stayed up late playing boardgames and eating (lots of) snacks. It was the perfect low-key celebration with just us kids and I’m so glad we did it.

As the title implies, there’s a part two from his party. Coming up soon!

A party for Sam


Yesterday we celebrated Sam turning four with both our families. He’d been looking forward to it so much! In a week he’ll have a small kids party too (for the first time ever). He was so excited to invite some of his little friends, so we can’t wait for that either. <3

Here’s some pictures from his birthday lunch:


The very first thing I did the day we got our oven installed was start baking bread for this party! Haha. We had a summery lunch where you could make your own baguette with different fillings (chicken or tuna), veggies and fruit on the side.


Edith brought some flowers for Sam!


This was the first time we had people over for our new kitchen (which is about 95% done). Trying to tick those last percents off, one by one.

a-party-for-sam-9a-party-for-sam-8 a-party-for-sam-10a-party-for-sam-30a-party-for-sam-31

Cute people showed up. ?


And we had the best weather so we set up a picnic on our lawn.


Food really tastes extra good outdoors in the summertime.


Opening of gifts with lots of hugs for everyone.


Matilda gave him a plane from this show “Mästerflygarna” (Super Wings) and it was the biggest hit. He hasn’t left that thing out of his sight. He liked that show before but now he’s obsessed. ;)


Astrid managed to sneak some sleep in, even with all the crazy noise going on. I guess we always have, and always will be, a really loud family once we all get together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. So happy about everyone that came!


Look at that cute little face. We love you so much, Sam.

And my favorite part of blogging is getting to look back in my archives and have so much be documented. Here’s Sams first b-day party in our old apartment (when I was only two months pregnant with Elis), his second one and his third. I can’t believe it’s been a year since that last one?! Time really flies.

Happy Easter!


We had the best Easter Saturday together with Gustav’s family. I ate way too much the whole day, the lunch was amazing and this was my first cheatday since going off candy/soda on New Years so I had all that stuff too. The best thing about the day though was seeing the happiness on Sam and Elis faces. They had so much fun with their older cousins – which also really wore them out for the evening. They both dropped like flies when it was time for bed. ;)

IMG_5833 IMG_5836

I was in charge of the appetizer and I did this little “smörgåstårta”-bite in shape of a carrot.

IMG_5849 IMG_5924

The lunch was SO good, I didn’t wanna stop eating. And then it was time for the egg hunt!! Always a exciting thing.

IMG_5945 IMG_5967IMG_5952

Elsa was nice enough to snap some family photos of the four of us.


She played so much with them the whole day. Just look at Elis face how he felt about it.


I think the best part of their day was being chased around by their cousins outside.

IMG_5978 IMG_6024IMG_6008 IMG_6017

Good end to a good day.

Sunday with a birthday dinner


Yesterday we celebrated my niece Marta’s birthday. She will turn 9 in two days! Sam was talking all day about her present and he held it during the car ride there to make sure that he got to deliver it. He really really loves his cousin Marta.

IMG_5635 IMG_5651 IMG_5694

Holding this little angel for a bit each time we meet is the best feeling. <3

IMG_5656 IMG_5676 IMG_5685

Both Sam and Elis are really into “tortels” right now.


Big family dinners is one of my favorite things.


And a kiddie table too. Always a really popular idea. ;)

Happy birthday Marta! ♥

En ny systerdotter


Natten till måndag blev en väldigt känslosam natt. Min syster Matilda åkte in för att föda barn och den känslan av att ens syster ska gå igenom en förlossning och den stress, ångest och medlidande man känner är HEMSK. Nicklas skickade liverapporteringar på instagram och trots att det var mitt i natten så var alla klarvakna och hängde med. Jag hade en stor klump i magen hela tiden men sen kom meddelandet om att hon var ute och då försvann allt och blev till “AHHHH VILKET MIRAKEL HON ÄR SÅ UNDERBAR DET HÄR ÄR HELT FANTASTISKT”. Så nu har jag blivit moster igen! För sjunde gången. Till en helt fantastisk liten flicka som jag längtar efter att få lära känna.

IMG_4426 IMG_4435

Känslan av att hålla en nyfödd bebis måste ju vara en av de mysigaste sakerna som finns. Ser fram emot många mysstunder till. Det känns fortfarande overkligt att Matilda och Nicklas nu har TRE barn men jag är så glad för deras skull. Vilket underbart litet tillskott till familjen. <3

//I have a new baby niece!! My sister Matilda gave birth to her third child on monday and she is perfect. <3 //

Tvåårskalas för Elis


I lördags hade vi ett litet kalas för att fira Elis som fyllt två år! Det var en storögd och överrumplad liten huvudperson men jag vet att han tyckte att det var så mysigt att ha hela familjen där. Och när det väl sjunkit in att han fått en massa nya saker att leka med så har han lekt för fullt med allt.

Här är några bilder från festen:


När jag började tänka på Elis kalas så var det precis efter jul/nyår då man kände sig lagom mätt på allt sött. Plus med vårt sockerlöfte i år så kändes det fräscht att ha lite nyttigare tema på kalaset. Jag gjorde små dippar med grönsaker, lättare snacks som popcorn och fruktspett.


Okej, lite sött fick vara med i form av morotsmuffins.

IMG_4132 IMG_4135 IMG_4140

Tyckte om den här bildserien jag fick på Edith som visste att hon skulle hitta Elis direkt när hon kom in. Och så fick han en present och en gullig kram. <3


Men Elis var väldigt nyvaken och lite ovan vid att alla tittade på honom hela tiden så det här uttrycket som han hade när alla sjöng “ja må han leva” hade han ungefär hela kalaset.

IMG_4147 IMG_4160

Han lyckades blåsa ut sina ljus i alla fall!

IMG_4169 IMG_4176IMG_4181 IMG_4179

Sen vi flyttade till hus har det känts mycket lättare att ha kalas och hela stora släkten över (istället för i vår lilla lägenhet). Med min och Gustavs närmsta familj är vi nästan 35 personer när vi träffas! I lördags var inte alla där så det kändes extra luftigt när alla spred ut sig på lite olika platser runtom. :)


Elis fick lite (mycket) hjälp med att öppna paket.

IMG_4248IMG_4197IMG_4230 IMG_4217

Han är så duktig på att gå runt och kramas och tacka.


Coolaste presenten var från farmor och farfar, en batteridriven motorcykel! Han blev bara lite rädd först när han skulle testa den så i början satt han bara och tittade på medan de andra barnen mer än gärna körde runt. Senare på kvällen körde han runt med den som en lycklig liten galning (haha) och han och Sam har använt den flitigt de här två dagarna.

IMG_4277 IMG_4279 IMG_4284

Sen lyckades jag fånga ett leende när favvo-farfar lekte med honom. Tänk att vår underbara lilla Elis redan är två år!

//Some pictures from Elis’ 2nd birthday party on saturday. //