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Snö, snö och mera snö!


Har ni det lika kallt som vi har det just nu?? I lördags vaknade vi till världens snö(o)väder och snön ligger fortfarande kvar lika tjockt (inte konstigt med tanke på hur freezing det är just nu). Förstår att ni i Norrland tycker att vi är mesar här nere men när det blir några minusgrader så vill jag bara barrikadera oss inomhus. ;)

Pojkarna älskar det i alla fall! Här kommer en ny video där vi leker i snön och sen spelar vi Sams nya favoritgrej. Kolla in här:

Glimtar från helgen

Hoppas att alla hade en bra helg! Jag kämpar på i gravidträsket och just nu är jag sängliggande med ond foglossning. Good times haha. Men här kommer en ny video med lite klipp från helgen, vi åt semlor (höjdpunkten under jan/feb ju), gick på släktkalas –  och Elis var världens gulligaste lilla pizzabakare.

Försöker lära mig att bli bättre på att filma/redigera, tycker det är så kul att spara sådana här små glimtar i rörligt format. Det är också ett ganska lagom projekt för mig just nu när energin inte är på topp.

Kolla in videon här och följ mig gärna på youtube om ni vill:

July snapshots


Here’s some pictures from the last month or so that I never got around posting:

potatisfestivalen-2016-4potatisfestivalen-2016-2potatisfestivalen-2016-3 potatisfestivalen-2016-7potatisfestivalen-2016-5 potatisfestivalen-2016-11

The last weekend of June (so almost July) marked the big Potato-festival in our town. I wrote more about it last year, HERE. Where the streets fills with people and it’s fun to just walk around and see whats going on. We saw Nassim Al Fakir on stage, all the kids love him. And all of it would’ve been so much more pleasant if it wasn’t raining so much.


I guess they didn’t care though.


A muffin for breakfast for the new four year old.


And a ,little birthday party for his friends. It was loud and kinda crazy but all of them had fun and that was our goal. Sam was so happy about it. <3 :)

So excited for the last bit of July and all of August now!! Doing them “vacation-style”.

The longest week


We have one week to go. One week before Gustav gets off work for the summer. One week until he will be home for five weeks. I love this time and in a perfect world it would come around more often than only once a year.

Five weeks of the four of us together, taking turns sleeping in, late breakfasts, being spontaneous, forgetting about time or routines, lots of cuddles, eating icecream, taking roadtrips, swimming, staying out late and seeing new things.

Five weeks of not having to say bye in the morning.


Just a week to go. The only problem is that it’s always the longest week ever. ;)

Dinner outdoors


Last monday we had such gorgeous weather, it felt like a shame to sit indoors and eat! Me and the boys set up a table in the garden and when Gustav got home he fired up the grill.


Our fruit tree in full bloom.


Not for long though. Sam and Elis found two sticks and started hitting the flowers so they would “snow”. Those two….


We brought this back with us when we came back from Florida. It’s a powder you just mix with water and it tastes just like lemonade tastes in the US (=SO GOOD).


Sam agrees. He has such a love for everything with lemon. He must get it from his mom.


We had our first watermelon for the season with the meat, corn on the cobb, potatoes and homemade tzatziki. It tasted like summer. <3


And that day really called for icecream after dinner. Feels wierd that this was only a week ago, with the weather we’re having right now (womp womp womp). But I have high hopes that it’ll return soon. :)

Weekend snaps


WHAT happened this weekend!? You know you live in Sweden when you go from chilly spring to fullblown summer – in one day. But it’s been amazing. I almost forgot how sweet summer feels.

Some snaps from our (really warm, finally!) weekend:


We hit the playground on saturday. Along with, you know, everyone else in town. ;) I thought it would be worse though. I think the sudden heat made people not last for more than a few hours so the rotation was pretty good.


On our way to a birthday party for Gustavs nephew. This is one of my favorite things about living where we do, we can just walk everywhere. I’ve always loved walking…it’s the only form of exercise that I’ll willingly do.


Walking back at 6 pm in the best weather. Peace is right, Sam! Warm evenings <3 <3 <3 <3



Although it’s raining outside now as I type this, I’ve felt so happy this week with the sunshine and the lightness. Little things like how the sun stays up longer during the evening or walking outdoors wearing only a thin jacket is the best feeling. It’s been a really good week.

These photos are from last monday when it was so sunny and warm I was getting serious summer vibes. And I’ve noticed my kids get so happy once the weather start warming up. I took them out for a walk and Sam was seriously skipping most of the time.

IMG_6181 IMG_6182IMG_6231

On our way into town we randomly ran into Matilda and her kids.


So we asked them if they wanted to come along for icecream and they did! Like I said, some serious summer vibes going on the entire day. Here’s to lots and lots more of those.

A few things


✿ Monday was Pi day. So my little sister Sigrid baked a Pi-cake. This is just one of the reasons I really love my family, they do the most awesomely random things.

✿ Last friday we installed fiber (don’t know the term in english but = high speed internet). Which also means that as of last friday I really haven’t seen my husband that much. He’s a little obsessed.


✿ Speaking of obsessed…the boys are so in love with their new baby cousin. Especially Elis. He loves holding her and finds every little thing about her (and how tiny she is) completely fascinating.


✿ I mean. This is Sams face whenever he sees her.

✿ Easter is around the corner now and I’m getting pretty excited. I’m actually getting some decorations up this year! I’ll show them later in the week (unless they turn out really ugly, then I won’t. ;))

✿ And lastly, sooo thankful for this new warmish weather and the light. Praise the light!! The only backside is that both Sam and Elis has started waking up at 6.30 instead of 7.30 like they did all winter. Now it’s been 6.30 for a few weeks. I hope they adjust back again….soon.

Weekend Snaps

Here’s a few snaps from our weekend:


On saturday we went to Gothenburg, had lunch and then the boys were so proud (and a little exhausted) after walking all the steps up the big hill in Slottskogen.


To the Museum of Natural History!


Sam was speeding so much, I never got a non-blurry picture of him. Elis was a little more slowly fascinated by the whole thing, he’s so into animals lately. I think his toy alligator is the thing he plays, and sleeps with, the most. So I could see why he stopped here. Little does he remember we went to Gatorland in Florida when he was only 5 months old. Makes me a little sad because he would’ve absolutely loved it now.


One reason Sam was speeding so much (except the fact that’s just how he rolls) was because we said he would get icecream afterwards. Icecream in cold february? Yes! It’s his favorite thing ever so the season doesn’t matter.


Hope you all had a good weekend! I did film some so there’s a little movie coming in a few days. I just need to finish editing. :)