Easter egg scavenger hunt


Happy Easter! We did a little scavenger hunt with the boys this morning to lead them to their easter eggs. I just used my (very limited) drawing skills and drew out a few things around the house for them to find. They’d never done a hunt like this before but they caught on so quickly. And the excited laughter and proud look on their faces when they matched the picture up?? I’m definitely doing one next year too. It was the most adorable thing ever.

IMG_5820IMG_5735 IMG_5739 IMG_5749

Sorry for the grainy pictures, it was 6 am and a cloudy day so it was pretty dark. And for some reason they weren’t interested in waiting for the sun to come out so mommy could get better pictures. ;)


When I drew that pillow the night before Gustav was like “what’s that? A rug?” (thanks Gustav ;)) so I kinda wondered if the kids would get it but it took Sam about 0.2 seconds to run over and say “it’s this pillow, look!!”. He really was so proud when he matched things up. <3


And then they found the treasure! They each got an egg and a little gift on the side (which wouldn’t fit in the egg).

IMG_5781 IMG_5811

They were so happy afterwards and has been playing with their new toys non-stop. A good start to the Easter weekend!! They have no idea how much goodies they’re gonna get in the next few days. ;)

One thought on “Easter egg scavenger hunt

  1. Moster M

    Vilken kreativ och rolig idé! Mrs Ambitious! Killarna är så söta med deras små nyvakna och glada ansikten. Och i matchande pyjamaser dessutom <3


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