First time riding a horse


What a cool day today was. My niece Marta had her birthday party and decided she really wanted all of us to come riding horses with her. It was the first time for my kids – and for me actually! I’ll spare you the picture of me looking like a total loser on that horse, I was so scared/freaked out the whole time. ;)

Let’s look at the adorable riders instead:

first-time-riding-1 first-time-riding-2

They were so excited about brushing that pony.


Sam REALLY wanted to try but once he got up there he started to freak out a little bit and didn’t want to do it anymore. (I totally get that btw haha)


Looking at these photos you might think that Elis really loved it. But he just loved the part of getting on the horse and posing for photos. ? Once the horse started moving he was all “ok, i’m good now”.


Still posing ?


This picture just warms my heart. I love how close they are to their cousins and seeing them be best friends to eachother is so sweet.

first-time-riding-11 first-time-riding-12

One of the really cool parts of the day was watching Nils be a little pro and ride away all on his own.


And look! Even though he got so scared the first time, he decided to try again. And he got the hang of it and really loved it this time! So proud of him. <3

first-time-riding-15 first-time-riding-20first-time-riding-16

The two of them just casually chatting on the fence like that? Too cute.


Turns out their first try at riding horses was a big success! Everyone had so much fun today, both on and off the horse. Thanks Marta for coming up with the best idea. ???

One thought on “First time riding a horse

  1. Mormor Ulrica

    Det var verkligen en spännande erfarenhet och era pojkar var så modiga och övervann sina första betänkligheter. Barn och djur är en så härlig kombination.


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