Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco


We’re back in Sweden again! I still have more photos (plus the videos) to post but everything came to a halt this week because of jetlag + sickness. Ugh! Slowly getting better though. ;)

Here are some pictures from when we walked around in Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, after our visit to Alcatraz. A soooo much more pleasant walk when we didn’t have see it all while running in complete panic.


First, we stopped for lunch at Boudin. So good!

IMG_4770 IMG_4772 IMG_4774

We all got sandwiches and the kids got pizza.


It’s very telling how hungry they were when the pizza was way too hot to eat but Elis tried to find ways to eat it without burning his fingers. ;)


A very typical picture from this trip too. You’d ask Sam for a pic and he’d go “take a picture of Luna!!”.


We were still talking about Alcatraz and it was nice to see it there in the distance while we walked by.


If you wanna know why they were running it’s because they had seen one of those telescope (or whatever they’re called??) things and they love them…even if they can’t see anything.


I was really looking forward to showing the sea lions to Sam, I thought for sure that he would LOVE them. He loved the ones we saw in the water in Monterey, and of course he was already obsessed with his sea otter Luna. I figured this would be really cool!


But he took one look at them and then he sat down at a distance and wouldn’t come closer. I kept asking “-Hey, Sam! Come look!! Come wave at the sea lions” and he would just shake his head and then finally when I asked why, he said “Mom….they’re gross”.

I could see why he thought so haha. I think it was the volume of them and the fact that they were just lying there like slugs.


Elis wasn’t too impressed either. ;)

IMG_4823 IMG_4825 IMG_4827

They were both superimpressed when we walked by a bigger Boudin and they had a big alligator and other animals in bread. They loved that! ;)


Some obligatory tourist photos by the sign.


It was a good day, such a cool morning at Alcatraz and so nice to just stroll along the water and look around at Fisherman’s Wharf afterwards. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, San Francisco just had the perfect weather all the time!

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  1. Josefin

    Wow vilken fint inlägg! Får mig att längta tillbaka till perfekta San Francisco! Gillar att den oberörda mannen med telefon fick komma med ;)


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