Hello Venice!


Hello from Italy! We’re in Venice right now and we’re already in love with how beautiful this place is. We spent the day exploring the city and eating way too much gelato. The kids also insisted on getting regular cones when there was amazing gelato right next door because, you know, kids. They looked so adorable eating them on the steps though ↑…that people stopped to take photos.

More photos from our day in Venice below:

hello-venice-4 hello-venice-5 hello-venice-6hello-venice-8

Sam and Elis really loved all the gondolas. It was problary one of their favorite parts of the day! They kept finding good spots to wave at them..and got so happy when they waved back.

hello-venice-7hello-venice-9hello-venice-10hello-venice-13 hello-venice-14hello-venice-15

St. Mark’s square and all the big sights around it were really beautiful to see. But I have to admit that the amount of people there just made us both really stressed. I really started to relax and enjoy myself so much more the more we wandered away from it. All the sudden there was just so much tasty food we wanted to try.

hello-venice-16hello-venice-18 hello-venice-17hello-venice-20

And one of my absolute favorite parts of Venice has been all the small alleys. Just walking and getting lost, discovering new pretty places everywhere we turned.

hello-venice-21 hello-venice-24hello-venice-22 hello-venice-25

At late afternoon it started raining but that didn’t stop us from going out for some (more) gelato. We’re from Sweden…a little rain is nothing to us. ;)

hello-venice-26 hello-venice-27

Still loved all the alleys. <3


Even though they were so tired we had to carry them on our backs the way home, they were still all laughs. We all had a pretty exciting day. <3


Then we just stayed in the rest of the night, got some very delicious pasta-takeout that we checked out earlier (we kept seeing young people with brown boxes so we just followed them, haha! the long line outside was a good enough review). Thanks for today, Venice!

6 thoughts on “Hello Venice!

  1. Emelia

    Det ser så vackert ut där!!! Wow, ni måste njuta.. ser ut som pojkarna tycker det är jätteroligt med.. alla era bilder är så fina. Ser framemot att höra allt om er semester!

    1. lovisa Post author

      Vi fick jättebra väder!! Typ 19-20 grader, och lite kyligare på morgonen.

  2. Moster m

    Waaaow. Alltså jag får inte nog av era bilder. Så perfekta. Och alla pastelliga omgivningar blir kompletta med dina söta blonda Boys i bilden. Vill ha meeeeŕr. Känn aldrig att du lägger upp för mycket bilder på instagram för det är som godis att titta på. Ni ser ut att ha det ljuvligt så ser fram emot att höra mer!


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