Kraftprovet 2017


Last friday it was time for our summer tradition of going to Kraftprovet in Trollhättan. The boys both ran the little race last year (800 m) and they’ve been talking about it ever since. So they were really excited! You can see how serious they were about it in the video I made. 😅

So this was their second time running. Here’s the post when they ran last year (+ a video) and here’s the post from the year before that (when they didn’t run but cheered for others).


All ready for the race!


And afterwards with their cousin Nils. So proud over their medals. <3 And I was so proud over them! I was with Elis and I could tell he was getting so tired and I told him it was totally okay to walk too but he just shook his head and kept running. The whole way! 👏


Sam got this great idea to offer chips to the runners. I noticed him reaching out for them and thought it was pretty adorable. Nobody took him up on his offer though. ;)


When you try for a group shot with all the kids and you just don’t succeed, haha.


And here’s the vlog from the day:

One thought on “Kraftprovet 2017

  1. Emelia

    vilken bra dag det var!! Och vad kul att du filmade under loppet, Elis är så inne i det. Han har verkligen fångat springstilen med armarna så haha… och Sam var så nöjd med sin skylt!!


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