LA day one – The Getty Center, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Beach


Hi! We’re in LA right now. The boys did SO GOOD on the flight over, so proud of them. <3 We landed here on Monday afternoon so yesterday was our first full day. We had plans to just take it easy and relax with the jet lag, so we didn’t have too many things planned. But with traffic it ended up being a full days anyways!

Here’s some pictures I took. I filmed quite a bit too so there will be a vlog (I just haven’t got time to edit it yet):


We drove up to the Getty Center in the morning. It was breathtakingly beautiful!! Views over all of LA.

IMG_3639IMG_3646 IMG_3648

It was BRIGHT sunshine so my pictures didn’t turn out great. :O But I’m so glad we took a guided tour of the garden and got to hear all the story behind (an artist designed the whole garden instead of a gardener). It was beautiful to walk through and hear all the thoughts behind every part. We also almost melted a little bit in the sun, such a warm day.

IMG_3658 IMG_3673

They had a little discovery/art center for the kids as well which I thought was so cool. Both Sam and Elis LOVED these masks they got to make. Which were totally creepy haha. They both wanted to make scary ones and Sam drew some brown lines under the mouth, when I asked him what it was he said “It’s a witch. And that’s barf coming from the mouth”. If you know Sam you know stuff like that is the worst thing he can think of.

IMG_3691 IMG_3687

Most random part of the day was when we were driving from the Getty Center and we wanted to eat, so we just looked at the gps and found the nearest Chipotle. We had no idea it was in the middle of Beverly Hills, right next to Rodeo Drive! So we just ended up there by mistake and thought it was pretty funny.

IMG_3697 IMG_3701 IMG_3709

Last stop of the day was the Santa Monica Beach!


So pretty!

IMG_3737 IMG_3745

We mostly just played in the waves (they got pretty big!) and it was really nice to just cool down from the heat a little bit.


Elis went in for a bit but didn’t like how hard the waves came crashing down. He was totally happy covering himself in sand for the rest of the time though. ;)

IMG_3771 IMG_3799

And this picture represent the 2,5 hours we spent trying to drive home in rush hour traffic! It was pretty crazy. :O And we thought driving 40 mins home would be hard to do with keeping the kids awake. If we only knew it would be almost four times that much. But we made it with no kids asleep (even if it took us desperately trying every game we could think of). Today we’re excited to do no driving whatsoever! Haha.

4 thoughts on “LA day one – The Getty Center, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Beach

  1. Mormor Ulrica

    Fantastiskt att du hinner lägga upp på bloggen. Jag tycker ni hade ett fullspäckat program dag 1 och det ser så härligt ut. Hoppas ni får en toppendag på Disneyland.

  2. Emelia

    Sååå coolt att ni är i LA nu!! Ser så härligt ut… Och ni ser ut som kändisfamilj där i Beverly Hills. De där gula badshortsen får jag usa flashbacks från när Sam hade dem på vår resa 😁 the Good Old Days hihi

  3. Emelia

    Var är alla baddräktsbilder på dig och josse btw? Du älskade att fånga mig i badkläder 😂😂

  4. Moster m

    Åhhh känns helt overkligt att ni är framme! Här hemma regnar det och är typ 15 grader så måste erkänna att er värme lockar lite. vad vackert och fräscht det ser ut det här centret. och killarna måste vara helt lyriska nu när de är på Disney land. ska verkligen bli kul att höra om deras reaktioner! roligt med en uppdatering så snabbt också. fortsätt gärna i samma anda haha :)


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