My (attempted) homemade gummies


This weekend I made a first attempt at making homemade gummies. I like that it’s a healthy and sugar-free snack (honey is optional) that still looks and tastes a lot like candy. And there’s only three ingredients! I used 100% pressed fruit juice, gelatin and honey.

I looked up a bunch of recipes on pinterest and then just did something I thought sounded good based on a few of them combined. The amount of gelatin was tricky though…so in the end they did feel more like jellies than gummies.

Maybe not 100% what I set out to do but the boys LOVED them so that made me feel good about it anyways.


I made two different shapes, these bigger animals and the smaller hearts.


I thought they tasted really good. Sam was so amazed that I MADE the candy. He looked at me and said “-Mom, you made them??? They’re fantastic!!”. He’s so adorable trying out new words to describe things. <3


So yeah, they look pretty wonky. But this was only my first try. And they were gone so fast, I didn’t have to look at them long. ;) Next time I’ll try more gelatin and once (if?!) I get it right I’ll share the proportions here. To be continued…

2 thoughts on “My (attempted) homemade gummies

  1. moster m

    Men vad roligt! Hade ingen aning att man kunde göra egna såna. Låter ju jättegott och ser framför allt så fint ut. Vill gärna ha receptet :)


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