My little sister graduates


Monday was a special day because our youngest sister Sigrid graduated from school. Sigrid is the coolest, she’s always taken her grades so seriously and worked really hard for them in order to get into the gymnasium she wanted to go to in Gothenburg. For the last three years she’s been commuting every day while still keeping up with her schoolwork and doing great. Seeing the “DO NOT DISTURB! STUDYING!!”-signs on her bedroom always made me laugh. So proud of our artsy and smart baby sis.

Here’s some pictures I took:

IMG_3072 IMG_3062

It’s tradition to bring little presents/stuffed animals/flowers to hang around the neck of the newly graduated. Sam and Elis LOVE to pick out gifts so this was a part they really looked forward to.

IMG_3069 IMG_3076 IMG_3079

All babies did really well and were in a good mood even though it was crazy crowded. To make matters worse, we ended up on the wrong side on the crowd and when we realized our mistake we had to make our way through the thick crowd…with strollers! There was a lot of “excuse me” “excuse me” going around. ;)


A very happy fresh out of school-girl <3

IMG_3108 IMG_3115

This was the part that left the biggest impression on both Sam and Elis. They were so fascinated by these trucks with students (how they jumped to make the whole thing move around) and Sam took his waving so seriously. Aww.


Back at mom and dad’s place we all found our old graduation-hats.


Time for group shots!

IMG_3192IMG_3159 IMG_3166

Tried a lot of different poses…nailed all of them of course. 😅


Congrats Sigrid!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

2 thoughts on “My little sister graduates

  1. Mormor Ulrica

    Så härliga glimtar från en fin och minnesvärd dag. Du har fångat flera fina ögonblick och det är så roligt att titta på dina bilder och få njuta lite till av “studentens lyckliga dar”. Är speciellt förtjust i syskonbilderna. Värmer modershjärtat.

  2. Matte

    glömt av att kommentera här… MEN har kollat på inlägget flera gånger. Är jätteglad att du tog alla syskonbilder. Tycker de är underbara och ett verkligen ett roligt minne :) <3 barnen är ju så söta i sina hattar också!!


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