Open shelves in the kitchen


When we planned our kitchen, I really wanted some open shelves. So instead of having two upper cabinets here, we made space to leave the one side open. Putting those up has been a thing on our list that we’ve been dreading a little bit. But on Saturday we decided to just go for it.


The two things we were nervous about was a) getting the length of the shelves just right so they would fit and b) drilling in our new tile. That last thing scared us the most. Haha.

Luckily we found a way to place the brackets so we only had to drill into the grout and NOT the actual tile (huge relief) and after a little bit of sanding of the first shelf, we managed to get the second one perfect right away. We were ready to put up ten more. Or something. ;)


Right now we’re using the top shelf for some bowls and pitchers.


And the second one is for all the smoothies I’ll be making this summer, I’ll finally have my blender within reach! I always had to get a chair before #shortpeopleproblems. ;)


There is a “before & after”-post coming where I’ll talk more about our thoughts and show the whole kitchen. There’s just a few details to get to before that. So this is just a little preview. I’m really happy with how they turned out, we’re going for bright and airy and I think they help!

9 thoughts on “Open shelves in the kitchen

  1. Lovisa

    Jag skulle också vilja ha några öppna hyllor, det är så snyggt! Och kan såååå relatera till short people problem, jag har INGENTING på mina översta hyllor haha.

  2. moster m

    Ni är så grymma! Är så imponerad över allt ni fixat helt själva OCH hur bra ni gör det. Kommer definitivtvfråga er om råd sen när vi renoverar! Detta blev jättefint ju! Älskar lilla smoothieavdelningen… fattas bara en megasskål med massa frukt där under!

    1. lovisa Post author

      Absolut! Jag missade den här frågan, förlåt att det tog så lång tid för mig att svara. ? Jag fotar med en Canon 70D!


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