Painting our front door yellow


Our front door has a new color! We decided to do some painting yesterday and painted it in a mustard yellow. We’ve been talking about painting our (ugly) old door for a while now but it has never been so high up on the list of things to do around here.

But yesterday it just seemed like an easy enough project to tackle for a day, so we did.

painting-front-door-yellow-1 painting-front-door-yellow-2

This was such a spur of the moment thing which we decided in about five minutes that morning. Gustav put the kids in the stroller and we were on our way out to the painting store when I said we didn’t even know what color to paint. Haha. We were choosing between green, blue and yellow so he said “go on pinterest, show me some pictures and convince me”. So I showed him and we both really fell for the darker shade of yellow which we thought would look good with our house.


The sanding and washing of the door was the most boring part. Painting is pretty fun. You just need to have your serious painting-face on. Looks more legit. ;)


It wasn’t as quick as we thought (is it ever??) because in the end it took me three coats before the door was done. Three coats and some really sore arms + neck. I don’t know why it took me so long to bring out a chair for the top of the door…?


But finally, tada! Now it’s all a lovely shade of yellow instead of that murky brown. Brought Elis out so he could show it makes for a much better backdrop for photos. The front of our house still needs a lot of work but now there’s at least one thing that looks better. Mission accomplished. ?

2 thoughts on “Painting our front door yellow

  1. moster m

    Vilken härlig färg! Det ser ut att bli ett riktigt lyft för framsidan! Ska komma förbi och kolla närmare någon dag. Duktiga ni är!! Kul att påskpynta den dörren!


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