Pancakes on Valentines Day


I like when Valentines Day comes around every year and the small things you can do. This year I made the kids an extra nice breakfast with pancakes! They’re always the most excited about the toppings and they loved the touch with the gummy hearts. ;)

pancakes-for-valentines-2 pancakes-for-valentines-3

It’s a shame Gustav left waaay to early for him to have some too. We’re all usually asleep when he goes to work…and in all honesty, this breakfast was done around 10-ish (we’re slow starters). We gave him some extra mental love while eating though and later in the evening him and I went to see La La Land at the movies. Perfect Valentines movie. ♥

And pancakes are so good! We’ve been talking about it and I think we’ll have to make it our new tradition for Sunday mornings. I’m deciding that for us right now. ;)

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