Although it’s raining outside now as I type this, I’ve felt so happy this week with the sunshine and the lightness. Little things like how the sun stays up longer during the evening or walking outdoors wearing only a thin jacket is the best feeling. It’s been a really good week.

These photos are from last monday when it was so sunny and warm I was getting serious summer vibes. And I’ve noticed my kids get so happy once the weather start warming up. I took them out for a walk and Sam was seriously skipping most of the time.

IMG_6181 IMG_6182IMG_6231

On our way into town we randomly ran into Matilda and her kids.


So we asked them if they wanted to come along for icecream and they did! Like I said, some serious summer vibes going on the entire day. Here’s to lots and lots more of those.

3 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. mormor ulrica

    Soliga vårdagar är nog bland det härligaste, och mest uppskattade, som finns. Barn tillför ytterligare en dimension till upplevelsen. Och så glass på uteservering- kan det bli bättre?

  2. Moster M

    Vilken härlig dag det var. Önskar vi hade sånt väder varje dag… Tur att vi stötte på er så vi fick vara med att inta sommarens första glass! Killarna såg ju så coola och våriga ut i sina solglasögon när vi mötte er.. kan se det framför mig. Glassiga ynghammar boysen ;)


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