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Planning our kitchen renovation


This summer we will renovate our kitchen, something I’ve personally wanted to do since we moved in. I would’ve done it before the bathroom if the bathroom wasn’t more urgent. Still kinda wanted to do it first. ;) I spend so much more time in the kitchen than in the bathroom (wierd right?) so I know it’ll just make a bigger difference in our everyday life.

Right now we’re in the early planning stages. We know the basic layout and are just working on details and choices. Tomorrow me and Gustav are going to IKEA to make the final decisions on cabinets etc. And this morning we had the guys we booked for the job come over to talk about some choices as well. All this talking and planning makes me so much more excited for it.

We’re gonna have some crazy weeks this summer with the kids, all the mess and without a functioning kitchen. But thinking abut what comes after that is really cool. I really can’t wait. And I’ll be blogging all the progress here.

For now, here’s a little sneakpeak on the first sketch we’ve made:


Like I said, it’s the basic layout but we still have some things to think about. Not included here is a kitchen island that we potentially want to add. But we’ve been going back and forth so much that we just decided to do the whole kitchen and then wait a few months to see if we want to add it or not. Get a feel for the room first. :)