The day of the cinnamon bun


Here in Sweden we have something as fantastic as kanelbullens dag (day of the cinnamon bun). It’s on October 4 every year and a really great reason to eat a lot of them. You can either bake them yourselves or get them in the store. On tuesday, we rolled up our sleeves and went for the first option:

day-of-the-cinnamon-bun-1 day-of-the-cinnamon-bun-3

I always have two very eager helpers when I bake. They love being a part of the whole process from putting the dough “to sleep” with his blanket to seeing them grow in the oven.


There are so many ways you can do the bun and we tried the twisted knot this time.


Oh Elis. <3 I was busy putting the first batch in the oven when I looked over and saw him do some serious eating. So I asked if he was eating the dough and he said “-no, mom. I’m eating the sand”. Funny thing is I knew exactly what he meant the minute he said it. The filling is brown and has sugar so I guess it has that sandy texture? Haha.


I can totally see how there’s a whole day devoted to the smell in your kitchen when you’re making these buns!!


First batch ready. We made three batches to make sure we had more than enough…

day-of-the-cinnamon-bun-10 day-of-the-cinnamon-bun-12

Somehow I always manage to start the baking too late in the day (and then it takes a while) so it ends up being ready like right before we should eat dinner. So the boys might or might not have had buns for dinner that day. Maybe all of us did. It’s only the national day of the cinnamon bun once a year right? ;)

3 thoughts on “The day of the cinnamon bun

  1. moster m

    Yaaaay shes back! Vad fina bilder OCH bullar. Vi åt också bullar till middag dem dagen haha! Fin rosa skål du bakar i förresten ;) vill smaka……. våra är redan slut. De ser så lockande ut när de ligger där på plåten…alldeles varma… mums

  2. mormor ulrica

    Såå läckra! Jag, som är en sann vän av traditioner, gillar förstås att ni firar en så viktig dag. Underbart för pojkarna att få delta i detta. En upplevelse för alla sinnen.

  3. Eas

    Oooooh vad sugen jag blev!!! Jag som inte åt en enda bulle på kanelbullensdag, missade det… vad mysigt att ni bakade dem tillsammans :) har aldrig gjort den varianten förut, du får visa mig!


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