The Jungle Book

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We went and saw The Jungle Book at the theatre yesterday and I was so impressed. So I wanted to recommend it to everyone else. I’m a pretty big Disney-fan, the Jungle Book isn’t one of my all time favorites, but it’s still something I know well enough to feel nostaglic about.

The movie was so well made and visually stunning, even if I didn’t think it was really exciting to watch…I problary would’ve liked it just for the scenery and the animals. I mean, wow. The little kid (Neel Sethi) playing Mowgli did a good job too. In some scenes better than in others but I was still impressed considering he was the only actor to appear in the whole movie and the rest was just animations and voices.

It was just the perfect film to watch in the theatre and with 3D. Made for a whole new dimension. It also got a little scarier than I expected? There were some moments I felt stressed out. And at one point (when there was a sudden scare) the guy behind me jumped so much his foot flung up and hit the back of my seat. Haha.

I really enjoyed it, there were some nice surprises in there too that I won’t spoil if you wanna go see for yourself. As you should!

Watch the trailer HERE.

2 thoughts on “The Jungle Book

  1. mormor ulrica

    En underbar bioupplevelse. Hög igenkänningsfaktor, otroligt fin natur, charmiga djur och några överraskningsmoment, fast jag kunde storyn sedan tidigare. Nu vill jag läsa boken!


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