The longest week


We have one week to go. One week before Gustav gets off work for the summer. One week until he will be home for five weeks. I love this time and in a perfect world it would come around more often than only once a year.

Five weeks of the four of us together, taking turns sleeping in, late breakfasts, being spontaneous, forgetting about time or routines, lots of cuddles, eating icecream, taking roadtrips, swimming, staying out late and seeing new things.

Five weeks of not having to say bye in the morning.


Just a week to go. The only problem is that it’s always the longest week ever. ;)

9 thoughts on “The longest week

  1. moster m

    Nu är du där!!! Hur känns det?? Ni kommer ha det så härligt…. känner mig smått avundsjuk (ok, väldigt avundsjuk) ;)


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