The Monterey Bay Aquarium


On monday we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. After all the crazy lines the day before, we made sure to get there about 15 minutes before they opened. And even then there was a long line standing to get in!

It was a little bit crowded but we still had a really great time there. Here are some pictures I took:

IMG_4235 IMG_4237 IMG_4244

If I could summarize the day in one word, it would be SEA OTTER. Sam saw them the moment we walked in and then he was obsessed. It was all he talked about aaall day and all he could think about. Then we saw a little movie about a otter named Luna that was rescued when she was a baby. Sam loooved that movie so much and was so invested in everything that happened to Luna. At the end of our visit he got to pick out a little baby otter that he named Luna (of course) and it has not left his arms every since!

IMG_4249IMG_4258 IMG_4265

There was something so soothing about watching the jellyfish and their slow movements. This was actually one of my favorite parts.

IMG_4269 IMG_4271

We could’ve stayed here for a long time!


And these were pretty hypnotizing too haha. Especially when they opened their mouths. ;)

IMG_4289 IMG_4293

They had a interactive center for kids which was really great. Here they could feed hungry baby birds!


Then I walked around with Sam and he only wanted me to take pictures of cute things. He was very picky too. None of the fish made the cut. ;) But this babybird did.

IMG_4322 IMG_4326

The stingray petting tank…..this didn’t feel great :O Look at all those baby hands reaching for it.


I’m a little afraid of stingrays and was filming a clip when one of them just popped their heads up the water right where I was. I’m ashamed to say I got really scared and just jumped back and did a really wierd legthing. A person behind me laughed and said “I wish I had a film of your reaction”.


Then we were done with the aquarium and I didn’t get a picture of the boys but like I said, Sam got a little otter (he didn’t want the big ones because it was important it was a baby) and Elis got a stuffed shark.


On our drive up to San Francisco, we stopped at Olive Garden for some lunch.


The boys both had spagetti and meatballs and they kept telling me how great it was.

IMG_4352 IMG_4354

This isn’t the best picture but it was the only one I got of my lasagna. All of us adults got pasta too and ate until we thought we would throw up. Haha. It was really good. IMG_4349

I didn’t get his fingers in the pics but they were making a “very nice, mom” sign. ;)

Now we’re in San Francisco!

4 thoughts on “The Monterey Bay Aquarium

  1. Mormor Ulrica

    De lyckade aktiviteterna bara avlöser varandra! Så mycket roligt ni får uppleva “over there”.
    Så nu är Sam havsutterfixerad, förstår jag. Det låter som en trevlig fixering.
    Jag har sett på insta att ni verkar ha det mycket trevligt i SF. Roligt att följa er på insta och här på bloggen.

  2. Emelia

    Olive garden känner jag igen namnet på från filmer och sånt tror jag! Låter väldigt gött!! Vad cool sam är på sista bilden haha

  3. Moster m

    visst var det häftigt??? känns så kul att ni upplever lite samma saker som oss… känns nästan som vi rest dit tillsammans hehe önskedrömmar ;) så roligt med stingrockorna. när jag visade bilderna för Karl var ögonen stora som fotbollar “VAAA FICK MAN KLAPPA STINGROCKORNA” manetbilderna är ju magiska och minns att det var samma känsla i verkligheten. hjärtögon på bilden på elis bakifrån när han beundrar planeterna <3 Ni verkar ha hittat så bra matställen… total food goals… den lasagnen!!!!!!!


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