Weekend Snaps

Here’s a few snaps from our weekend:


On saturday we went to Gothenburg, had lunch and then the boys were so proud (and a little exhausted) after walking all the steps up the big hill in Slottskogen.


To the Museum of Natural History!


Sam was speeding so much, I never got a non-blurry picture of him. Elis was a little more slowly fascinated by the whole thing, he’s so into animals lately. I think his toy alligator is the thing he plays, and sleeps with, the most. So I could see why he stopped here. Little does he remember we went to Gatorland in Florida when he was only 5 months old. Makes me a little sad because he would’ve absolutely loved it now.


One reason Sam was speeding so much (except the fact that’s just how he rolls) was because we said he would get icecream afterwards. Icecream in cold february? Yes! It’s his favorite thing ever so the season doesn’t matter.


Hope you all had a good weekend! I did film some so there’s a little movie coming in a few days. I just need to finish editing. :)

One thought on “Weekend Snaps

  1. moster m

    Kul med en liten utflykt! Naturhistoriska är ju alltid uppskattat av barnen och kul att se att Elis connectade med “Smilet”. Det är helt klart bästa bilden på detta inlägg. Alligatorns nöjda leende kontra elis fullständiga amazed blick :D


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