First time riding a horse


What a cool day today was. My niece Marta had her birthday party and decided she really wanted all of us to come riding horses with her. It was the first time for my kids – and for me actually! I’ll spare you the picture of me looking like a total loser on that horse, I was so scared/freaked out the whole time. ;)

Let’s look at the adorable riders instead:

first-time-riding-1 first-time-riding-2

They were so excited about brushing that pony.


Sam REALLY wanted to try but once he got up there he started to freak out a little bit and didn’t want to do it anymore. (I totally get that btw haha)


Looking at these photos you might think that Elis really loved it. But he just loved the part of getting on the horse and posing for photos. ? Once the horse started moving he was all “ok, i’m good now”.


Still posing ?


This picture just warms my heart. I love how close they are to their cousins and seeing them be best friends to eachother is so sweet.

first-time-riding-11 first-time-riding-12

One of the really cool parts of the day was watching Nils be a little pro and ride away all on his own.


And look! Even though he got so scared the first time, he decided to try again. And he got the hang of it and really loved it this time! So proud of him. <3

first-time-riding-15 first-time-riding-20first-time-riding-16

The two of them just casually chatting on the fence like that? Too cute.


Turns out their first try at riding horses was a big success! Everyone had so much fun today, both on and off the horse. Thanks Marta for coming up with the best idea. ???

A weekend through my phone

We had a really good weekend. Despite the fact that it SNOWED so much on Sunday. I never like snow this late in the year but it’s okay. It’s still March and soon enough spring will be here!

Here’s a few photos from my phone from this weekend:

On friday we had fish (salmon) tacos and I think it’s so funny that both boys prefer it over regular tacos. They are just such total fish-fans.

On saturday we went to see my niece Greta who turned one! Elis fell asleep in the car and when he woke up this was his face for the first few minutes or so. “-Where am I and who are all these new people?” ;D

A bunch of my fav people were there, like these two.

And Elis warmed up quickly when he got to hang out with his aunties.

They had the best area for the kids to play in.

Cousins. <3

I realized too late that I didn’t even get a picture of the birthday girl but happy birthday sweet Greta!! It’s always fun to hang out with her (and her parents) since they live in the south of Sweden and we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like. The kids had a lot of fun too, that was totally the highlight. ↑

And on sunday morning Sam ran out the bedroom and the first thing he saw was all the snow outside. So he shouted “-Mom, look! It’s that weather you don’t love!!”. Very true, Sam. Very true. ;)

Pancakes on Valentines Day


I like when Valentines Day comes around every year and the small things you can do. This year I made the kids an extra nice breakfast with pancakes! They’re always the most excited about the toppings and they loved the touch with the gummy hearts. ;)

pancakes-for-valentines-2 pancakes-for-valentines-3

It’s a shame Gustav left waaay to early for him to have some too. We’re all usually asleep when he goes to work…and in all honesty, this breakfast was done around 10-ish (we’re slow starters). We gave him some extra mental love while eating though and later in the evening him and I went to see La La Land at the movies. Perfect Valentines movie. ♥

And pancakes are so good! We’ve been talking about it and I think we’ll have to make it our new tradition for Sunday mornings. I’m deciding that for us right now. ;)

Team Rocket for Halloween

I know it’s January and October was kinda a long time ago but I’m playing catch-up now. So here’s a few pictures from our Halloween:

Team Rocket for Halloween

We did the Pokemon thing, so Gustav and I were Team Rocket for Halloween! Sam was Pikachu and Elis was Charmander. Sam had been sooo excited for these costumes and he was a little bit obsessed with my pink Jessie-wig. We were also pretty popular among the kids, so many of them came up to us and said “YOU’RE TEAM ROCKET!”. It was a hit in that age group. ;)

team-rocket-for-halloween-2 team-rocket-for-halloween-3 team-rocket-for-halloween-5

I didn’t take a bunch of photos (October-darkness + inside a poorly lit room = not my fav). But the kids did lots of games at the party we were at and we ended the night with trick or treating. Which is something they’ve only just now started to remember from previous years so they knew exactly what was coming.


My sister Matilda invited us over for a spooky-lunch a few days later so we really got to max out Halloween this year. I love the drinks she made! Sam had a little bit of an issue with them though, haha. And with “a little bit of an issue” I mean he refused to sit by the table until I removed the eyeball in his drink. He’s my most likely to be grossed out-child. ;)

team-rocket-for-halloween-8 team-rocket-for-halloween-9


team-rocket-for-halloween-10 team-rocket-for-halloween-11 team-rocket-for-halloween-12

I really loved this idea of a little lunch with the kids and for everyone to bring different Halloween-themed foods. I hope we’ll do it again next year (uh, this year).


And most noteworthy from this whole lunch? Not a single one of the glasses broke. I was fully expecting at least one of the kids to knock one over but no! They all made it safely through lunch.

Our christmas in the north of Sweden

This year we all went up to the north of Sweden (where my dad is originally from) to celebrate christmas together. I have seven siblings and with all of our families we ended up being 25 people up there, it was such a cool experience. With a little twist as you can see in the video! ;)

Here’s a video that I made, sorry that it’s so long but we were there for four days. And I wanted one for the memories!

In London without the kids


Back in August, Gustav and I went to London – just the two of us. I’d be lying if I say that I didn’t have some anxiety about leaving the kids behind (okay, maybe a lot), but it the end it was a good trip. We stayed for two nights and I thought it was the perfect amount of time away without going crazy from missing them too much. It was so nice to just TALK, walk around, make our schedule and not have to worry about anyone but ourselves.

Here’s the pictures + a little video at the end:

img_0202 img_0452

This was Gustav’s first time in London! He really loved it and we spent our first day doing SO.MUCH.WALKING. Mostly shopping and just taking all the sights in.

img_0206 img_0212 img_0215 img_0225

Picking up a few things for the kids at Hamleys.

img_0236 img_0247

We arrived to London at 8 am and had so much to discover so we didn’t get to the lunch part until 3 pm in the afternoon. As you can kinda hear in the video, we were starving/so excited (haha). Five Guys was on Gustav’s must do-list. Ever since we first went in Florida, he’s been raving about it. We loved it this time too. ;)

img_0255img_0260 img_0268

One of the highlights for me was spending so much time in the Cath Kidston-store. Gustav was a good sport about the fact that we were inside for an hour or so. Haha sorry. I had a big list.


Started out the next day by being super touristy. And because we are used to waking up so early at home, we were there before they opened and got to experience when they opened the doors and all the staff stood clapping and singing along to “celebrate good times come on!”. We had no idea that was coming. ?

img_0299 img_0306

Had the best lunch at Leon. It even came with their very own lemonade. Sold! i took the sweetpotato falafel and it was yummy. After lunch we had a video-call with the kids that was kind of rough. Sam was upset and I just missed them so much I wanted to die a little bit. Sat on that bench crying for a while before Gustav assured me they were fine and we were gonna see them the next day. Being on vacation without your kids is always a mixed bag of emotions.


Because we were so tired of walking we just hopped on one of those tour-buses. Which was really great. It was such a warm day, 27 degrees, and the breeze on top of that bus was amazing. Plus seeing the city at a new height of course. Saw stuff like Big Ben. ↑


Gasped at how pretty Westminister Abbey was. ↑


And The London Eye. ↑ Checked off all the major sights in other words.


Plus I really loved our guide. He had the best sense of dry, brittish humor.


And the person behind us was sweet enough to offer and take a picture. The only picture of the two of us from the entire trip. So thank you, nice stranger!

Here’s the video:

My dad turns 60 (part 1)

I have so many things that I want to blog about. But the more things have piled up, the less I’ve been inclined to do it? I’m just going to dig in and catch up now. Starting with my dad! He turned 60 in October this year and it was so amazing getting to celebrate him. My dad is one of the best people I know. ♥

We had a big party for him a month later, we had to find a date where all of us could be there. But on his birthday, October 5, we took him out for a birthday dinner. Here’s a few pictures:


A nice person at the table next to us offered to take a group shot so here we all are. My dad, mom, seven of his kids (we missed you, Emanuel!) and his two oldest grandchildren.

dad-turns-60-part-1-2 dad-turns-60-part-1-3dad-turns-60-part-1-6

There’s not a bunch of options for restaurants in our little town but this ended up being perfect for us. We got a large table in the middle of the place, there was lots of vegetarian stuff to choose from (there’s four vegetarians in our family) and they served food that was right up dad’s alley.


It was a fun night, talking and laughing together. At one point they brought out dessert and we all got up to loudly sing happy birthday, the kind of stuff that dad loves. Afterwards we went back to our parents house and we stayed up late playing boardgames and eating (lots of) snacks. It was the perfect low-key celebration with just us kids and I’m so glad we did it.

As the title implies, there’s a part two from his party. Coming up soon!

The day of the cinnamon bun


Here in Sweden we have something as fantastic as kanelbullens dag (day of the cinnamon bun). It’s on October 4 every year and a really great reason to eat a lot of them. You can either bake them yourselves or get them in the store. On tuesday, we rolled up our sleeves and went for the first option:

day-of-the-cinnamon-bun-1 day-of-the-cinnamon-bun-3

I always have two very eager helpers when I bake. They love being a part of the whole process from putting the dough “to sleep” with his blanket to seeing them grow in the oven.


There are so many ways you can do the bun and we tried the twisted knot this time.


Oh Elis. <3 I was busy putting the first batch in the oven when I looked over and saw him do some serious eating. So I asked if he was eating the dough and he said “-no, mom. I’m eating the sand”. Funny thing is I knew exactly what he meant the minute he said it. The filling is brown and has sugar so I guess it has that sandy texture? Haha.


I can totally see how there’s a whole day devoted to the smell in your kitchen when you’re making these buns!!


First batch ready. We made three batches to make sure we had more than enough…

day-of-the-cinnamon-bun-10 day-of-the-cinnamon-bun-12

Somehow I always manage to start the baking too late in the day (and then it takes a while) so it ends up being ready like right before we should eat dinner. So the boys might or might not have had buns for dinner that day. Maybe all of us did. It’s only the national day of the cinnamon bun once a year right? ;)

Four cousins at the movies


Here’s a movie that I made from friday. There’s a reason I wanted to capture this day in video, we went to see Finding Dory at the movies and the kids were so excited. Sam became a little obsessed with Finding Nemo this summer and he was SO ready in his favorite t-shirt. It was even more awesome that they got to go with their buddies/cousins Karl and Edith. I really wanted a little movie to remember how fun they all thought it was.

As you can see at the end, “fun” was the word they kept using to describe the film. Such a cute experience for all of us adults too: