A weekend through my phone

We had a really good weekend. Despite the fact that it SNOWED so much on Sunday. I never like snow this late in the year but it’s okay. It’s still March and soon enough spring will be here!

Here’s a few photos from my phone from this weekend:

On friday we had fish (salmon) tacos and I think it’s so funny that both boys prefer it over regular tacos. They are just such total fish-fans.

On saturday we went to see my niece Greta who turned one! Elis fell asleep in the car and when he woke up this was his face for the first few minutes or so. “-Where am I and who are all these new people?” ;D

A bunch of my fav people were there, like these two.

And Elis warmed up quickly when he got to hang out with his aunties.

They had the best area for the kids to play in.

Cousins. <3

I realized too late that I didn’t even get a picture of the birthday girl but happy birthday sweet Greta!! It’s always fun to hang out with her (and her parents) since they live in the south of Sweden and we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like. The kids had a lot of fun too, that was totally the highlight. ↑

And on sunday morning Sam ran out the bedroom and the first thing he saw was all the snow outside. So he shouted “-Mom, look! It’s that weather you don’t love!!”. Very true, Sam. Very true. ;)

2 thoughts on “A weekend through my phone

  1. Eas

    Gillar er familjebild! Fina familjen!! Kul med ett inlägg från kalaset och från er helg:) Elis uttryck på bilden är klockrent haha

  2. Moster m

    Ett nytt inlägg!!! Drömmer jag? ;) Jätteroligt med uppdatering. Och att någon tog bilder på kalaset! Gillar också familjebilden. Underbar familj ju :) kön till fiskdammen var ju dagens gulligaste <3


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