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Video: First day in L.A.


I haven’t felt so great since we got back from our USA trip so that’s why it took me a while. ;) But I’m finally getting around to editing the footage I have into vlogs! Here’s what I filmed our first day in L.A.

More coming!

Kraftprovet 2017


Last friday it was time for our summer tradition of going to Kraftprovet in Trollhättan. The boys both ran the little race last year (800 m) and they’ve been talking about it ever since. So they were really excited! You can see how serious they were about it in the video I made. ?

So this was their second time running. Here’s the post when they ran last year (+ a video) and here’s the post from the year before that (when they didn’t run but cheered for others).


All ready for the race!


And afterwards with their cousin Nils. So proud over their medals. <3 And I was so proud over them! I was with Elis and I could tell he was getting so tired and I told him it was totally okay to walk too but he just shook his head and kept running. The whole way! ?


Sam got this great idea to offer chips to the runners. I noticed him reaching out for them and thought it was pretty adorable. Nobody took him up on his offer though. ;)


When you try for a group shot with all the kids and you just don’t succeed, haha.


And here’s the vlog from the day:

Sam turns five (+ a vlog)


On Tuesday last week, Sam turned five! Birthdays always make it so obvious how fast time is moving and how these years just swoosh by. No mercy. ;) But on the other hand, it’s really amazing seeing your child grow up. I love Sam as a five-year old. ? He’s discovered so many new interests this year and keep surprising us all the time. And he’s still my sweet and cuddly boy. Speaking selfishly, may that never change! This year we celebrated with cake on his actual birthday, and with family later.

So on Saturday we had the bigger party for our families and because I want to try and make more videos I mostly just filmed the day. Here’s a few pictures + a video at the end:


This little guy had been counting down the days until his birthday pretty much since christmas. He loves when I make things into lists for him, he’ll remember stuff like that forever. So I’d tell him and he’d repeat “first is Christmas, then it’ll get warmer so you don’t need gloves, then is Easter, then Midsummer and THEN my birthday!”

IMG_3394 IMG_3397

You can see more of the food in the video I made, but we had pulled pork burgers with a few salad options on the side.

IMG_3426 IMG_3450

And here’s the vlog from the day (in swedish). Hoping to document this summer with some more!

In London without the kids


Back in August, Gustav and I went to London – just the two of us. I’d be lying if I say that I didn’t have some anxiety about leaving the kids behind (okay, maybe a lot), but it the end it was a good trip. We stayed for two nights and I thought it was the perfect amount of time away without going crazy from missing them too much. It was so nice to just TALK, walk around, make our schedule and not have to worry about anyone but ourselves.

Here’s the pictures + a little video at the end:

img_0202 img_0452

This was Gustav’s first time in London! He really loved it and we spent our first day doing SO.MUCH.WALKING. Mostly shopping and just taking all the sights in.

img_0206 img_0212 img_0215 img_0225

Picking up a few things for the kids at Hamleys.

img_0236 img_0247

We arrived to London at 8 am and had so much to discover so we didn’t get to the lunch part until 3 pm in the afternoon. As you can kinda hear in the video, we were starving/so excited (haha). Five Guys was on Gustav’s must do-list. Ever since we first went in Florida, he’s been raving about it. We loved it this time too. ;)

img_0255img_0260 img_0268

One of the highlights for me was spending so much time in the Cath Kidston-store. Gustav was a good sport about the fact that we were inside for an hour or so. Haha sorry. I had a big list.


Started out the next day by being super touristy. And because we are used to waking up so early at home, we were there before they opened and got to experience when they opened the doors and all the staff stood clapping and singing along to “celebrate good times come on!”. We had no idea that was coming. ?

img_0299 img_0306

Had the best lunch at Leon. It even came with their very own lemonade. Sold! i took the sweetpotato falafel and it was yummy. After lunch we had a video-call with the kids that was kind of rough. Sam was upset and I just missed them so much I wanted to die a little bit. Sat on that bench crying for a while before Gustav assured me they were fine and we were gonna see them the next day. Being on vacation without your kids is always a mixed bag of emotions.


Because we were so tired of walking we just hopped on one of those tour-buses. Which was really great. It was such a warm day, 27 degrees, and the breeze on top of that bus was amazing. Plus seeing the city at a new height of course. Saw stuff like Big Ben. ↑


Gasped at how pretty Westminister Abbey was. ↑


And The London Eye. ↑ Checked off all the major sights in other words.


Plus I really loved our guide. He had the best sense of dry, brittish humor.


And the person behind us was sweet enough to offer and take a picture. The only picture of the two of us from the entire trip. So thank you, nice stranger!

Here’s the video:

Four cousins at the movies


Here’s a movie that I made from friday. There’s a reason I wanted to capture this day in video, we went to see Finding Dory at the movies and the kids were so excited. Sam became a little obsessed with Finding Nemo this summer and he was SO ready in his favorite t-shirt. It was even more awesome that they got to go with their buddies/cousins Karl and Edith. I really wanted a little movie to remember how fun they all thought it was.

As you can see at the end, “fun” was the word they kept using to describe the film. Such a cute experience for all of us adults too:

Kraftprovet 2016: Pictures and a vlog


On friday we all drove to Trollhättan for the annual Kraftprovet. It’s a race that has become a big family tradition to attend, we try to go every year (HERE’S the pictures from last year). I just love how everyone gets involved, both kids and adults.

This was the first year that Sam and Elis got to run, they did shortest distance of 800m. It was problary one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, just how excited they were and how they gave it their all and ran the entire time. I’m so glad I decided to capture this day in video!! There’s a vlog at the end of the post.

Because I mostly filmed, I didn’t snap a lot of photos, but here’s a few:


He didn’t get to wear his sporty little shoes for long. Right after this picture (on our walk over there) the sky opened up and it started POURING DOWN. They were soaked within a minute and he didn’t want to wear them anymore so he wore rain boots for the rest of the day.


We found cover from the rain and got time for some group shots of all the cousins doing the first race. Cuties!

their-first-race-4 their-first-race-5

What I love about the last picture is dad running up there so he could film Elis up-close. My dad is the best. ;)

their-first-race-7their-first-race-6 their-first-race-9their-first-race-11

It’s never the easiest task to get them all looking in one direction for a photo. Haha.


Thank you, balloons, for providing so much entertainment during waiting time.


And thank you, Emelia, for always being the one taking our family photo. It was so much fun having the four of us there this year, Gustav was able to take the day off from work to come along. <3

Here’s the vlog I made from the day:

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Video: A few moments from our week

This week I looked at Sam and Elis and had a case of the “-gah, they’re growing up so fast!!”…if that’s a thing. Pretty sure it is because all parents get it?? So I made an effort to film some of our everyday stuff, just to save for later. There’s something extra sweet about clips where you can hear them talk and see how they are in motion.

I saved most of the footage for us (it might also bore anyone else to death) but made a quickie version to post on the blog. Here’s a few moments from last week, all wrapped up in less than a minute and a half:

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Video: A Saturday in February

Here’s the video I made from our Saturday. I didn’t film a whole lot so it’s pretty short, but I got the morning and our visit to the Natural History Museum in there. One of my goals for this year was to make more videos, even if they’re just from simple things. I’m still really a newbie at editing but I think it’s fun practice and I’m going to try and do it more. It’s so fun to look back at later.

My youtube-channel is a work in progress but if you want to subscribe, you can do it HERE.

Annandag jul


Här kommer de sista julbilderna för detta året! Annandagen firade vi hemma hos min familj med stor kalkonmiddag, det har blivit en egen liten tradition att äta det dagen eller några dagar efter jul och jag älskar det. SÅ gott.

De där små förklädena som läskflaskorna har (söta eller hur!) är också en riktig klassiker. Ingen äkta jul utan dem. ;)


Jag tycker att det här är så gott, jag längtar nästan mer efter det än julmaten.


Det här blev verkligen inte så snyggt stylat (när man är hungrig och bara kastar på) men det goda på min tallrik bestod av potatis, kalkon, kokta morötter, brysselkål, sallad och en coleslaw på rödkål. Mums.


Mätta och glada blev vi allihopa.


Efter maten kom tomten. TVÅ besök av tomten med presenter på bara några dagar, Sam och Elis hade absolut kunnat vänja sig vid den stilen.


Inga problem där, de kände nog att de var gamla kompisar med tomten vid det här laget. Det blev mer fina julklappar till barnen (och till oss). Tack alla!! Sam somnade på kvällen kramandes en stor bil han fick av Olof. <3

Jag har också en liten film från julafton. Sam och Elis sjöng Blinka lilla stjärna och det är precis såna små ögonblick som är så kul att spara för framtiden. Jag tyckte allt var supergulligt men ville inte att det skulle bli så långrandigt så istället för tre framträdanden klippte jag ihop det till ett. Här kan ni se:

Note to self: sluta skaka så mycket när du filmar! haha

//Pictures from the Dec 26 that we spent with my family, eating a turkey-dinner and getting another visit from Santa. Also a little film from christmas eve and the boys singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in swedish. //