LA day two – Disney’s California Adventure


Yesterday was a big day for the boys! We went to Disney’s California Adventure Park. I really love Disneyland and was pretty excited to go as well. ;)

We had an amazing day. On the upside, there was a lot of fun things to see, Disney is always magic, the boys both got to meet their heroes and there was actually not that bad of a crowd-situation. On the downside, the heat!? THE HEAT! It was so warm that we thought we would actually melt away sometimes. But it also made us really appreciate the sun setting later. ;D

Here’s some pictures:

IMG_3806 IMG_3809

The biggest reason why we chose California Adventure instead of Disneyland was Carsland!! Sam is the biggest fan of the movie Cars and has been since before he could talk. I’ve just always known I wanted to take him. Finally <3 And it was incredible to walk around in Radiator Springs and meet all the cars.

IMG_3812 IMG_3816

Elis really wanted to stick his hand in the mouth of the car. He was so proud he managed to do it too. ;)

IMG_3823 IMG_3825

And meeting Lightning!!! This was big for Sam. They told them “it’s okay, you can touch!!” but Sam just stood by looking at him the whole time like “wow…”.


Look at Sams face <3

IMG_3839 IMG_3846 IMG_3847 IMG_3852

Getting their heroes facepaint on! Sam chose Thor and Elis chose Captain America (duh). We spent a lot of time at this section of the park, they really loved all the superhero stuff.

IMG_3862 IMG_3870

Haha I had to include this picture “oh look how much fun we’re having…” ;D

IMG_3889 IMG_3893

I will show more of this in the vlog I’m making, but Elis was SOOOO EXCITED to meet Captain America. He was so giddy and smiling while we were standing in the line and kept whispering stuff like “captain america…..*heart eyes*”. I loved it, he’s not gonna be this age forever when something can be so truly real and magic like saying hello to your favorite superhero.


And they had to say “-little captain america!! look over here!” because Elis had a hard time taking his eyes of the big one.



IMG_3940 IMG_3944 IMG_3951 IMG_3957

That moment when they were so happy they just started spinning around and dancing in the streets of Radiator Springs.

IMG_3966 IMG_3979

So glad we were able to go and make so many memories for all of us!! I have a feeling the boys will talk about his for a long time. ;D

5 thoughts on “LA day two – Disney’s California Adventure

  1. Mormor Ulrica

    Bra jobbat-ett inlägg till. Så roligt att då följa med i era upplevelser “over there” . Förstår att ni haft en underbar dag på Disneyland . Bilderna på Elis och hans hjälte är mina favoriter, jag förstår att det var ett stort ögonblick i hans liv. Jag blir också alldeles varm av att se Sam med hans älskade bilar.

  2. Emelia

    Wow vilken upplevelse detta måste varit för Sam och Elis (och er förstås)… åh så gulligt att se bilderna med Elis och captain america!! Hela familjen borde haft Disney tröjor!

  3. moster m

    Åhh allltså… Elis möte med Captain America! Det är ju så man blir tårögd. Vill verkligen se det på film. Det måste ha varit så kuil att uppleva disneyland med barn i den åldern. Så magiskt! Mina minnen från Disneyland finns fortfaranade kvar och jag var inte gammal när vi var där som barn <3


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