Our visit to Alcatraz


Yesterday was a truly special day! I had been looking forward to seeing Alcatraz for the longest time and it was just as amazing as I thought. The day started as a TOTAL nightmare though. We were going on the early morning ferry and the website told us to be there 30 mins prior to boarding (the boat would close 10 mins before departure). We left the apartment with a lot of time to spare, with plans to stroll along the water and grab some breakfast before getting on the ferry. Hah! That didn’t happen. We got stuck in traffic, got lost in the city, couldn’t follow the directions of the gps because of roadwork and when we finally parked we only had 10 mins before the boarding would close. We were a little stressed at that point but it’s nothing compared to when we asked someone for directions to Alcatraz and they told us it was about a 20 min walk from where we were. We had parked at the wrong pier!!!

We just had to run the entire way! This was awful. I had bought these tickets weeks in advance and I knew that they were completely sold out for the day. If we missed the ferry we just wouldn’t get to see Alcatraz at all and this was all I could think while we were racing down the piers, freaking out over how far it was and how tired we were (on empty stomachs too). We finally made it with A MINUTE to spare, almost close to tears and completely wiped out.

But we did make it! And twice as happy to be there on the ferry. ;) Alcatraz was amazing and I’m so grateful we got to see it. All good in the end, we laugh over how we desperately ran the entire way there now.

IMG_4625IMG_4633 IMG_4640

I can’t even start to describe how fascinating everything about this island was. We were just soaking everything in from the minute we got there.

IMG_4641 IMG_4727IMG_4649 IMG_4675IMG_4658

Is it horrible that I thought these pink cells were the prettiest? Then I heard the audioguide say how this was the worst place to be in the prison and I thought “maybe not”.

IMG_4667 IMG_4671 IMG_4660

I joked and told Josefin I would say that the boys loooooved Alcatraz and found it totally fascinating. They didn’t hehe. They did think it was a little exciting going to a prison, and looking at the prison cells. But they quickly grew pretty bored and eventually fell asleep. ;)

IMG_4692 IMG_4708

I love how Elis is always up for a photo!

IMG_4728 IMG_4734

I loved the audio tour so much. It was a special thing to listen to the voice in your ears (a former guard), while walking and looking at all the places they told stories about. One of the most interesting things I’ve ever done and I could’ve listened for hours.

IMG_4740 IMG_4741

While we had the boys sleeping in the stroller about every second person stopped to either say “aww so cute” or make a joke about how they must’ve really loved Alcatraz. ;)


An amazing experience!! We were talking about it all day afterwards and like I said, I’m just so grateful we got to go.

2 thoughts on “Our visit to Alcatraz

  1. Emelia

    Coolt ställe! Vad söta pojkarna är i sina matchande tröjor. Har ni fått några tvilling kommentarer ännu?

  2. Moster m

    Åhhhhhh… detta ställe är ju för coolt. så kul att ni fått uppleva det här och tack och lov att ni inte missade färjan! jag minns de där rosa cellerna haha… var det inte dör guiden berättade om ett rymningsförsök som tagit plats just där? mitt favoritställe var biblioteket kommer jag ihåg och den cellen där fångarna rymde ifrån och som ingen vet vad som hände med… det är ju något hemsökt med det här fängelset.. på ett sånt fascinerande sätt. helt klart topp 5 upplevelser i mitt liv att gå dit. skönt för er att pojkarna kunde sova så ni kunde ta det lugnt. är också nyfiken på om du fått några tvillingkommentarer? Vilken resa ni har gjort alltså. men har inte sett så mycket shopping mer än de nya saker ni har på er. har ni hittat myckrt???


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