Team Rocket for Halloween

I know it’s January and October was kinda a long time ago but I’m playing catch-up now. So here’s a few pictures from our Halloween:

Team Rocket for Halloween

We did the Pokemon thing, so Gustav and I were Team Rocket for Halloween! Sam was Pikachu and Elis was Charmander. Sam had been sooo excited for these costumes and he was a little bit obsessed with my pink Jessie-wig. We were also pretty popular among the kids, so many of them came up to us and said “YOU’RE TEAM ROCKET!”. It was a hit in that age group. ;)

team-rocket-for-halloween-2 team-rocket-for-halloween-3 team-rocket-for-halloween-5

I didn’t take a bunch of photos (October-darkness + inside a poorly lit room = not my fav). But the kids did lots of games at the party we were at and we ended the night with trick or treating. Which is something they’ve only just now started to remember from previous years so they knew exactly what was coming.


My sister Matilda invited us over for a spooky-lunch a few days later so we really got to max out Halloween this year. I love the drinks she made! Sam had a little bit of an issue with them though, haha. And with “a little bit of an issue” I mean he refused to sit by the table until I removed the eyeball in his drink. He’s my most likely to be grossed out-child. ;)

team-rocket-for-halloween-8 team-rocket-for-halloween-9


team-rocket-for-halloween-10 team-rocket-for-halloween-11 team-rocket-for-halloween-12

I really loved this idea of a little lunch with the kids and for everyone to bring different Halloween-themed foods. I hope we’ll do it again next year (uh, this year).


And most noteworthy from this whole lunch? Not a single one of the glasses broke. I was fully expecting at least one of the kids to knock one over but no! They all made it safely through lunch.

One thought on “Team Rocket for Halloween

  1. Moster M

    SÅ uppfriskande med ett nytt inlägg. En härlig överraskning! Och roligt med en liten tillbakablick. Tyckte att detta årets Halloween blev så rolig, med festen och lunchen. Och era kostymer var ju lätt de bästa av alla, så bra att ni lyckades få kort på det! :D Tycker det är så roligt att skapa traditioner tillsammans med barnen och deras kusiner. Nästa grej att sikta in sig på: PÅSK!


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